About Ami

Ami is a true lover of the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Oregon, she is at home with the hawk, cedar, salamander, and the deer.

She has two beautiful children who continue to infuse her life with love and an openness to growth and transformation.

Ami’s background in biology and chemistry and love of plants are the foundation of her medicine. After a deep exploration and unquenchable interest in anatomy and physiology, she decided to become a naturopathic physician. Several years into practice, her personal experience with the birth of her children and her yoga practice were important in the direction of her medicine. Hours on the mat and an innate ability to sense energy flow pointed Ami in the direction of bodywork. Craniosacral, Reiki, Holistic Pelvic Care, and the Arvigo method of Mayan Abdominal Massage are the basics of her current work. It is in the weaving of her personal experiences, her innate sensitivity, lineage as Lakota, and her studies with teachers Rosita Arvigo, Tami Kent, and Eric Gonzales that allows Dr. Opal to create and hold the space for healing in her patients.

For those new to naturopathic medicine, the naturopathic philosophy includes:

  • “The healing power of nature”
  • “Identify and treat the cause”
  • “First do no harm”
  • “Treat the whole person”
  • “The physician as teacher”
  • “Prevention”

The underlying root causes of disease must be removed for complete healing to take place. These root causes can exist at many levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is my role to identify this root cause, in addition to alleviate suffering by treating symptoms.

The process of healing includes the manifestations of symptoms, so that any therapy that interferes with this natural healing process by masking symptoms is considered suppressive and should be avoided. The natural life force of the individual should be supported to facilitate healing.

One of the biggest tenants of naturopathy is the belief that conventional medicine does not treat the “whole person”, and that naturopathy goes beyond treatment of symptoms and treats the entire body, as well as the spirit and mind.

By paying attention to detail and taking time to really listen, Dr. Opal finds a way to help people realign and live with more joy, creativity, and more self expression.   She strives to help her patients create a solid optimal biological terrain by prescribing lifestyle and dietary habits and by using a few essential nutritional supplements.  She helps her patients come into emotional and energetic balance with the use of botanical medicine.  She helps the spirit, mind, and body come into harmony with the use of craniosacral, Reiki and other techniques.